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This site is about risk and the inherent properties of understanding the conceptualization of risk principles in modern society. So, in a vain attempt at introducing the subject. Risk is defined as any the resultant state from actions that may not reach the desired outcome. As a result, all opportunities hold a measure of risk due the nature of the human practice of anything, which is inherently imperfect.

In the terms of perfection, as many claim to have attained in computer programming, for example. Risk becomes a planned strategy that incorporated a desired outcome. As necessity comes into play, and the role of survival, risk becomes a tried approach. Those actions that must be enacted to protect survival and those actions which are meat to manage the risk inherent to the first set of actions.

In simple terms, risk is the chance that you won’t get something the way you had planned it. More simply, risk is the measurement of the possibility that something might go wrong.

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